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The San Jose Mercury News reports that federal and California state officials “warned the public Friday not to eat any pork processed at the American Hog Farm in Stanislaus County since April 3 and warned there may be contaminated pork products from other custom-slaughter plants.”

The reason: “The warning came after officials traced animal feed tainted with melamine to the hog farm. Melamine, an industrial chemical detected in wheat gluten and rice protein imported from China, is the substance the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has linked to the deaths and illnesses of cats and dogs in the largest pet food recall in American history.”

At the same time, FDA has launched a criminal investigation into the pet food contamination scandal, as it looks to determine how the toxic chemical melamine got into wheat gluten imported from China and used in more than 100 brands of pet food that now have been recalled. FDA doesn’t know how the melamine got into the pet food, whether it might have been deliberate, and has not been able to get invitations to the Chinese factories to allow its inspectors to investigate the facilities. And more than a dozen companies have found that they used melamine-contaminated ingredients from China in pet foods, with the result being than more than 60 million containers of cat and dog food have been recalled.
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