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In the UK, the Retail Bulletin reports that Sainsbury is introducing a program called “Make A Difference Days,” designed to use one day per month to encourage “positive action and change across a range of environmental and ethical issues.”

Case in point: On Friday, April 27 – the first day of the promotion – Sainsbury will distribute free-of-charge reusable shopping bags. As many as seven million bags that normally would be sold for the equivalent of about 20 cents apiece will be given away.
KC's View:
This harkens back to the story we had a week or two ago about consumers who increasingly who like to shop at companies – such as Whole Foods and Starbucks – that they perceive as being politically correct. The advantage of the Sainsbury program, it seems to us, is that a) it has a tangible benefit to consumers, and b) has a level of continuity that could work really well for the chain.