business news in context, analysis with attitude reports that when fast food chain Chipotle decided to use naturally raised pork in its carnitas burritos, it meant that the chain had to increase the price by a buck…which was seen as something of a risk.

"Ethically that was a very easy decision for us to make," Jim Adams, Chipotle's marketing executive director, tells "But financially it was a difficult decision for us to make."

Chipotle needn’t have worried. After the change was made, sales quadrupled.

"What that said to us is that people will pay for quality and they will pay to eat food that is raised in a humane way” Adams says.
KC's View:
Chipotle makes a wonderful product, and our kids now rank it as their favorite fast food. (Actually our daughter puts it at number two, after Walter’s hot dogs in Mamaroneck, NY.) And we’re glad to see that its ethical decision paid off.