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• The New York Times this morning reports that Home Depot is introducing “a label for nearly 3,000 products, like fluorescent light bulbs that conserve electricity and natural insect killers, that promote energy conservation, sustainable forestry and clean water.

“The initiative — which is expected to include 6,000 products by 2009, representing 12 percent of the chain’s sales — would become the largest green labeling program in American retailing and could persuade competitors to speed up their own plans.”

The announcement comes just after Texas-based HEB made its own move in the environmental arena, giving away 3,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs at five stores in Central Texas.

• The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the California state legislature is considering a bill that would ban shopping bags lined with aluminum foil and duct tape – a formulation that apparently allows shoplifters to spirit products out of stores without security alarms going off.

• The New York Times reports this morning that Tyson Foods and ConocoPhillips are “forming an alliance to produce and market diesel fuel made from pork, poultry and beef fat. It was another sign that farmers and agribusinesses, which are now producing corn for ethanol, will be playing an increasingly large part in the country’s energy future. The new brew should be available at the neighborhood filling station by the end of the year.”
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