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Forbes reports that according to Information Resources Inc. (IRI), “in 2006 the top 15 new beer brands measured by case sales volume were all selections from the ‘high-end’ market - a group that includes flavored malt beverages like Bacardi Silver Peach, seasonal brews such as Jack's Pumpkin Spice, craft beers like Leinenkugal Sunset Wheat and imports.”

What seems to be happening is that brewers are responding to a desire by consumers for more sophisticated products, which seems to track with consumers’ interest in more expensive and sophisticated wines. The good news for the industry is that consumers are willing to pay more for these products – they tend to cost more than traditional domestic beers, but shoppers seem amenable to plunking down the extra bucks for an experience that they perceive as superior.
KC's View:
Or, at least, an experience that they perceive as differentiated. Which is a good lesson for every marketer and merchandiser.

Though, we have to admit, we never thought of Bacardi Silver Peach as beer.