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The Republican reports that Massachusetts-based Big Y Foods has decided to pull Imus Ranch food products from its shelves, following the controversy last week that erupted after radio host Don Imus made racially and sexually charged comments about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, statements that resulted from his firing both by CBS Radio and MSNBC.

While Imus has said that 100 percent of the profits from the sale of his company’s food products go to support his New Mexico cattle ranch that hosts children with cancer, the move by Big Y may not have an enormous impact. The retailer says that it only carried Imus Ranch salad dressing, and stopped selling the company’s salsa and coffee because they simply weren’t moving.
KC's View:
When the Imus controversy broke, our first reaction was to turn to Mrs. Content Guy and say that he radio host had put at risk everything he’d worked for…and sadly, this is likely to come true. And the people who will suffer most, we expect, will be the kids who were the recipients of his largesse.

Purely from a commercial perspective, it is fascinating to see how much connectivity there was to this one radio personality, and how that all falls apart in the wake of his disgraced departure from the airwaves. Not only did he provide a forum for media personalities, politicians, authors and musicians to hawk their various wares (we can’t tell you how many books we’ve read and albums we’ve downloaded or bought based on interviews we’ve seen on Imus’s show), but he also was generous in his promotion of retailers who sold his products. That all goes away now.