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The Coloradoan reports on a new nutritional theory that says “today's fast-track, junk food, super-sized diets are not only piling on the pounds, but are making us downright testy to boot.

“Depression, anxiety, stress, anger and a slew of disorders can be laid right smack dab on that plate of French fries dripping with trans-fats, they say. Our predisposition toward sleepless nights, overindulgence, fatigue and auto-immune diseases is getting a second helping from sugary-sweet sodas and giant slabs of candy, cake and pie.

“And that road rage, impatience and constant irritation we feel toward our fellow man just might be driven by that bleached white slice of bread dripping with butter or those spaghetti noodles swimming in a calorie-laden Alfredo sauce we're slurping down at warp speed.”

The Coloradoan notes that two new books - "The Food-Mood Solution," and "The Good Mood Diet: Feel Great While You Lose Weight” – detail what is called the “nutrisocial” roots of mood and behavior problems, and how people can make positive changes.
KC's View:
Don’t know about you, but we think this makes perfect sense…maybe it is just the reflectiveness of age. When you’re young, you think you are bulletproof and can do anything, eat anything, and everything will be just fine. But with age, we think, comes the wisdom of knowing that everything is connected and that a more holistic approach to life is necessary to keep everything in any sort of balance. That doesn’t mean that indulgences are banned…just that one has to make choices, do penance, accept consequences.