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Forbes reports that Japanese consumers “are gobbling up doughnuts, ice cream, pastries and other calorie-rich goodies,” with Krispy Kreme doughnuts a current fave among shoppers there. Other American companies taking advantage of the trend include McDonald’s, Cold Stone Creamery, and Burger King.

In fact, according to Forbes, there is a real mindset change taking place, with a backlash taking place against the healthy meals for which the culture has been known: “The move toward tummy-filling meals has also been a plus for Japanese companies making supersize noodles, ice cream and deluxe burgers.

“The trend is so widespread Japanese coined the phrase ‘in-your-face-food’ to describe it, underlining an apparent desire to escape the stresses of a health-conscious regimen and let go for a change.”
KC's View:
In your face? How about directly to your hips? Or lower?

It is ironic, somehow, that as Americans become more health conscious – or at least the American media does – the Japanese are at least flirting with the dark side. And we all know that once you begin to flirt with the dark side, it’s almost impossible to resist embracing it.

It also is ironic that Japanese consumers don’t want to eat American beef because of fears about mad cow disease, but they’re willing to chow down on our junk food and thank us for it.

They gave us sushi. We gave them Big Macs.

We got the better deal.