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Wild Oats, the nation’s second largest natural and organic supermarket chain – soon to be absorbed into Whole Foods, the nation’s largest natural and organic supermarket chain – announced this week that it “is encouraging consumers to make environmentally friendly green shopping resolutions to celebrate Earth Day 2007. By making small changes in shopping habits, consumers can make trips to the grocery store more environmentally friendly, ultimately protecting the health of the planet for future generations. In honor of Earth Month, Wild Oats is offering tips on how to shop green on Earth Day and every day including reusing and recycling more, buying organic, cleaning with environmentally friendly products, buying in bulk and more.”

Among the tips advocated by Wild Oats – reuse shopping bags whenever possible, choose organic rather than synthetic products, and buy local products whenever possible.

According to a statement released by the company, “Wild Oats is committed to providing consumers with products and education that support not only a healthy body, but also a healthy environment. This April, Wild Oats Markets is posting shelf-talkers in all stores to help customers identify eco-friendly items and educate them on making environmentally conscious changes today for a better tomorrow.”
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