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Business Week reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to delay by 30 days its final ruling on whether food from cloned animals and their offspring is suitable for human consumption. FDA is extending the public comment period that followed the government’s preliminary assessment that such food is, in fact, safe to eat.

According to Business Week, “The FDA declined to confirm or give any explanation for the extension, but the provision for additional time comes amid a broad public outcry against the agency's plans to make the U.S. the first country in the world to allow milk, meat, and other products from cloned animals into the general food supply. Nearly 4,000 comments have been made on the FDA's Web site. Many of them are from individuals who object to the agency's preliminary plans on the grounds of ethics, safety, or morality.”
KC's View:
It strikes us that if one has a moral or ethical objection to consuming food from cloned animals, one can satisfy those beliefs simply by not buying, eating or drinking such products.

FDA only ought to be making its determination based on science.

Now, having said that, FDA ought to reverse itself on one point – it ought to require that cloned food be labeled as such. That way, people can make informed and personal decisions.