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Whole Foods announced yesterday that it has created the Whole Trade Guarantee, a buying program that it says “brings together a set of strict criteria for products from developing countries.” The guarantee is said to ensure “exceptional product quality, more money for producers, better wages and working conditions for workers, sound environmental production practices that promote biodiversity, and support of poverty eradication via donating one percent of product sales to the Whole Planet Foundation.”

John Mackey, Whole Foods’ founder/CEO, released the following statement: "With our shoppers' growing concern about ethical and responsible trade and with our Company's increasing scale and scope, the time is right for Whole Foods Market to help make more of an impact. We have a long track record concerning ethical business practices, equitable pay for Team Members and suppliers, safe working environments, and love and respect for all people and the Earth. We are extending that concern to the global community by bringing products from developing areas to the marketplace in a way that is a win for the producers and their families, for our shoppers, for the environment, and for the developing world communities where we do business."
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