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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Home Depot – trying to regain its footing after a period of time in which the company seemed to fall out of touch with its core values and its customers needs – plans to roll out two new formats: a 225,000 square foot supercenter, and a smaller version that will range between 35,000 and 50,000 square feet.

The larger store is the result of desire to merge a traditional Home Depot store with some of the elements of the company’s Expo Design Center concept, including “an expanded appliance showroom…and a ‘specialty store’ that may focus on home electronics,” according to the paper.

The smaller store is “designed to offer an ‘intimate’ neighborhood hardware store setting,” and will be “geared toward small markets and vacation areas that can't support a full-size store.”
KC's View:
We think that this approach probably makes sense for Home Depot, which needs to differentiate itself in new ways. However, it has been our impression that much of the dissatisfaction with Home Depot has stemmed from an employee base that often is either unhelpful or unavailable.

The signs seem to suggest that the company is trying to deal with this far more significant problem. We only mention it because often management thinks that the brick and mortar is the most important part of the physical shopping experience…while we tend to think that flesh and bone is a lot more critical.