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The Chicago Tribune reports that it has become fairly accepted in scientific and consumers circles that red wine is good for the heart because it contains resveratrol, a compound that seems to be good for heart health. So accepted, in fact, that wine sales have been climbing – going up eight percent in just four weeks late last year when a new report was issued on the benefits of resveratrol.

However, the Tribune also reports that the National Institute on Aging “notes that much still has to be done to determine resveratrol's safety and effectiveness in humans.

“The verdict also is out with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the American Heart Association. Both institutions point out the health risks of drinking alcohol and urge moderate consumption, if at all. The American Heart Association defines ‘moderate’ as one to two drinks (4 ounces of wine) per day for men and one drink per day for women. Those who don't drink shouldn't be swayed to start by the claim of health benefits, the association insists.”
KC's View:
True. On the other hand, if you already like red wine, it shouldn’t hurt.