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The Los Angeles Times reports this morning that “Boskovich Farms Inc., the Oxnard green onion grower linked and then cleared in Taco Bell's E. coli outbreak in December,” has filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell, saying that it “engaged in an irresponsible and intentional crusade to save its own brand at the expense of an innocent supplier.”

Taco Bell defended itself in a prepared statement: “Our goal was to be transparent and provide the public with information as we learned of it. We believed green onions may have been the source based on the presumptive positive testing, so we immediately removed them from our products to put public safety first. We later learned they were not the source of the E. coli outbreak. Throughout this entire matter, Taco Bell acted openly, responsibly and with the public safety as our primary concern.”

If the incident cost Boskovich Farms millions of dollars in business, it isn’t alone - Taco Bell has lost $20 million in estimated profit since the E. coli outbreak.
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