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The St. Petersburg Times reports that Publix is going for a whole new look. “Almost two decades after first decking its stores out in pastels of turquoise and coral, the Lakeland-based chain this year will re-do wall treatments in 100 of the 226 stores along the west coast of Florida,” the Times reports, noting that this is just the beginning of a chain-wide makeover that also will utilize in-store murals “depicting old ads and art deco stores.” The new color scheme is hunter green, with Tuscan shades of red, orange and gold.

One other change in the making: at 50 Public stores, employees are wearing new, green uniforms – and cashiers no longer have to wear bow ties.
KC's View:
Good idea about the bow ties, since the Pee Wee Herman look went out years ago.

That said, it’s always good to give things a fresh coat of paint and to look for ways to freshen up the business. And Publix, which has been criticized recently by some MNB users for letting things slip a bit, seems like it is working hard not to let things get stale.