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• Albertsons LLC – that is, the Albertsons not owned by Supervalu – has launched a new website that offers coupons, store locations and up-to-date circulars. It can be found at

The site also is linked to recall information from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); food safety information from the federal government; consumer information from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI); and recipes from Kraft Foods.
KC's View:
Which is to say that the new Albertsons site has very little that is original or innovative. In fact, it seems more like a website from a decade ago – no e-commerce, not chat rooms, no blogs from top executives or marketers.

To be sure, you can complain about or compliment an employee using the site, and find out how the company contributes to local communities. So there is some unique content…though to call it “content” is to be generous in the extreme.

It is a tough and competitive world out there, in both the physical and virtual environments. We hate to be harsh, but to come to market with such a substandard effort strikes us as doing the company’s customers and stakeholders a disservice.