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Coors reportedly is planning a new marketing campaign that, according to the New York Times, “promotes 4:53 p.m. as the new 5 o’clock.

“At 4:53 p.m. local time on weekdays, the Coors Light brand symbol, an old-fashioned train called the Silver Bullet, will race across entertainment, news and sports Web sites that are frequently visited by the brand’s core audience of men ages 21 to 34.

The train’s brief onscreen appearance will be followed by an invitation to ‘Catch the 4:53 to Happy Hour’ and a ‘Happy Hour Countdown’ clock, both in onscreen spaces devoted to advertising. Other elements of the campaign, by the Portland, Ore., office of Avenue A/Razorfish, part of aQuantive, may include maps displaying the locations of nearby bars and lounges serving Coors Light.”
KC's View:
We just love the whole idea of this campaign because it uses the Internet in an innovative sort of way.

Though we don’t know anyone who actually stops working at 5:00, much less 4:53.