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• In Arkansas, the MorningNews reports that Wal-Mart forced two Internet organizations – and – to remove from their Web sites “copies of an internal document that reveals market research the Bentonville based retailer carried out on consumers.” Wal-Mart claimed that the publication of the material infringed on its intellectual property rights, and the sites relented and removed the offending material. speculated that Wal-Mart was most concerned by the fact that there was information in the internal document about so-called “conscientious objectors,” or people who had values-based objections to shopping at its stores, though Wal-Mart said that this designation did not refer to people who boycotted its stores.

• Demonstrating that it knows how to connect with its youngest customers, Wal-Mart will be the first and only retail sponsor of this year’s Nickelodeon Awards show, which recognizes the best entertainment as chosen by kids. Wal-Mart also will sponsor the “Best DVD” category, allowing kids to vote for their choices via the Internet.
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