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Two very different stories were on the wires yesterday about the long-speculated-about possibility that Delhaize might be interested in making a bid to acquire Ahold.

Reuters reported that a union representative that works closely with Ahold said that there are no negotiations taking place with Delhaize and no intention to launch discussions in the future.

But then, Forbes reported that Delhaize CFO Craig Owens told reporters that once Ahold sells its US Foodservice division, the two companies would be far more “complementary.” US Foodservice was put on the market late last year, though a sale of the division has not yet been closed.

And Forbes quoted Delhaize CEO Pierre-Olivier Beckers as saying that while his company is more focused on organic growth, it “will not refuse to look at opportunities to grow through a larger size transaction.”
KC's View:
It certainly has been a week for CFOs to walk around lighting fuses. First Safeway’s CFO says that the company would consider making an acquisition, then Kroger’s CFO says much the same thing, and now Delhaize.

There is such a thing as being caught up in the currents. And right now, everything seems to be pointing toward the nation’s biggest chains getting even bigger so that they can compete with each other as well as with non-traditional food merchants such as Wal-Mart and Target.