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The Hollywood Reporter reports that Bud.TV, the high-profile online entertainment network launched by Anheuser-Busch during the Super Bowl, is proving to be something of a bust. And not a beer bust.

The project reportedly cost as much as $30 million to develop and launch, but site traffic and registrations have been plummeting. In addition, there have been questions raised about the website’s age verification system, with some suggesting that underage people may be populating the site, and others saying that the system is so complex that it is discouraging people over 21 from using it.
KC's View:
The Super Bowl was only about a month ago. While Bud.TV may not be living up to expectations, A-B has to keep in mind that we’re in a new world here. Not everything works right the first time, the second time, the third time around. You have to keep playing the game, and eventually, we believe, this notion will pan out.

One suggestion, though. The word that A-B needs to keep uttering, like a mantra, is “community.” It needs to create a dialogue among its users, and get them to connect with each other and with the company in new and innovative ways.

“Community.” Keep saying it, and keep building it. That’s the only way this stuff works.