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BrandWeek reports that Coca-Cola and L'Oréal are working together to create a nutraceutical product described as a “beauty beverage” that will appeal to “active, influential, image-conscious women over the age of 25 who embrace health and wellness.”

According to the story, the product currently is called Lumaé, “is still in the early stages of development” and “is expected to contain ingredients that will help women care for their skin.”

Distribution of the beverage is expected to be unconventional. “Coke is interested in marketing and distributing Lumaé like a beauty brand instead of a soft drink,” BrandWeek writes. “Early plans call for distribution in Saks Fifth Avenue (instead of Coke's usual venues, like 7-Eleven). This could ruffle bottlers' feathers, said a source, considering beauty salons and the like aren't the typical stops on a distributor's route. Product testing is expected to begin shortly.”

Coke has been moving steadily into this segment of the beverage business, launching Enviga, purported to help burn calories, and with a planned unveiling of a version of Diet Coke enhanced with vitamins and minerals.
KC's View:
A beauty beverage? Hmmm….

We always thought water was said to be good for one’s skin. But we suppose that there is a real thirst in the marketplace for any product that even hints that it could be a magic bullet.

Somehow, it seems like a sexist construct.

Can you imagine what would happen if some company introduced a so-called “macho beverage” that “contained ingredients that will help men care for their mojo”?

Wait a minute. There is such a beverage.

It’s called beer.

Actually, now that we think about it, beer also could be referred to as a beauty beverage. After all, you drink enough of it, and almost anyone looks beautiful…

(But seriously, folks…)