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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Trader Joe’s is being sued by a Wisconsin company for trademark infringement.

According to the story, “the Milwaukee-based maker of Palermo's Pizza says Trader Joe's Pizza Palermo is too close for comfort,” arguing that “Trader Joe's pizza amounts to trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising.”

An attorney for Trader Joe’s argues that because there is no apostrophe in Trader Joe’s usage of the name, it means something completely different, “Pizza Palermo is purely descriptive of the particular style of pizza offered by Trader Joe's and does not serve as a source identifier," the attorney wrote in a letter to Palermo’s Pizza. "As you are aware, Palermo is a prominent city in Sicily, Italy, having a style of pepperoni pizza distinctive to the region."

Trader Joe’s pizzas are only sold in the company’s own stores, while the Palermo’s Pizzas are sold throughout the country – but not by Trader Joe’s.
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