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The BBC reports that the European Commission (EC) has requested that European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) examine the implications of livestock cloning, asking it "to advise on food safety, animal health, animal welfare and environmental implications of cloned animals... their offspring, and of products obtained from these animals,” noting that cloning “is on the verge of widespread commercial use and expected to spread within the global food chain before 2010.”

At present, according to the BBC, the EU has no regulations covering food and beverages made from cloned animals or their offspring.

FYI… The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that meat and milk from cloned animals is safe to consume, and that they need not be labeled.
KC's View:
Intriguingly, the EC clearly doesn’t see this just in scientific terms; it also asked the European Group of Ethics to look into the ethics of cloning.

It is reasonable to expect that scientific and religious groups may come to different conclusions about the ethics of cloning, and we suppose that it makes sense to have some sort of third-part, objective entity to look at the issue and the various opinions in context.

Last time we checked, the US doesn’t have a Department of Ethics…and maybe it would be a good idea. Though, when you think about it, it also would probably be something of a hairball…because as we find out here on MNB all the time, these issues often arouse passions in such a way that there is little likelihood of conclusions.

Still, better to talk about these issues than not, and better to consider the ethical implications than not.