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The BBC reports on a University of Bristol study suggesting that while morning coffee may ease the caffeine withdrawal symptoms that people build up overnight, it doesn't measurably make people more alert.

The researchers tell the BBC that “all the drink does is counteract the mild caffeine withdrawal symptoms people are experiencing because they have gone without the stimulant overnight. And those who drink a caffeinated drink first thing are no more alert than those who never consume one.”

In fact, the researchers have coined a term – “withdrawal reversal” – to describe the total impact of a morning cup of coffee.
KC's View:
This may be completely true. But we don’t care. And we’re going to pretend we never read this study, because all we know is that MNB works a lot better on a second cup of coffee than it does on mineral water. (We’ve actually found that MNB works best on 12 ounces of V8, followed by about four cups of black Starbucks Verona coffee…)

But maybe the reason that MNB seems to work better is because of something else noted by the study - that caffeine does have some medical benefits, such as “preventing cognitive decline in the elderly.”

We’ll take what we can get.