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The Los Angeles Times reports that Pizza Patron – the Dallas-based restaurant that made headlines earlier this year when it started accepting Mexican pesos as payment for its pizzas – has extended the policy through the end of April. It originally was supposed to end at the end of February, but proved to be a real success – initially, pesos were used for as much as 15 percent of sales, though that has slowed in recent weeks to less than 10 percent.

The Pizza Patron policy was originally established not to make a political point, but rather to allow customers who returned from Mexico with pesos in their pockets to have a place to use them. While customers may have responded positively, the company got scores of hate mail, including some death threats.
KC's View:
Good for Pizza Patron. Not because of its policy, which we don’t have a strong opinion about one way or another. But because it is looking out for its customers as opposed to bowing to the idiots who would send the company death threats or hate mail.