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A report in the German media says that Lidl – the 5,000+ store discount supermarket chain that is a direct competitor to Aldi – is considering making a move into the United States.

No time frame was given for such an incursion, though company executives said that it could take place in the “medium term.”
KC's View:
Y’know, just once we’d like to write one of these international expansion stories and have it be about a major US supermarket company – other than Wal-Mart – bringing its brand of retailing to the global community.

Instead, it always seems to be about foreign companies coming here to open stores, or acquire chains. We have no problem with that – it is, after all, a flat world that encourages investment back and forth – but it says something negative about US ingenuity that all the investment seems to be one way.

And, by the way, we didn’t make a big deal of it yesterday, but…if and when Pathmark is swallowed up by A&P, that will make for one more US chain that is owned by a foreign company (Tengelmann of Germany).