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• Wal-Mart announced yesterday that it will provide free shipping on products ordered from its online site, providing that customers have them shipped to a local Wal-Mart and then pick them up there.

According to a CNN story, “The company said products bought on typically arrive at the store within seven to 10 business days and customers will be alerted about the delivery via e-mail.” The service is available at about 750 stores around the country, and Wal-Mart wants to have it in more than 3,000 stores by the end of summer.
KC's View:
We think that this is basically a good idea, because free shipping – or at least the perception of free shipping, as in the “Amazon Prime” program – eventually becomes a prerequisite when consumers make decisions. But seven to 10 days for delivery? That strikes us as old-world time…not the kind of Internet time that people increasingly work on.