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The Sioux Falls Argus Leader looks at some of the innovations that Hy-Vee is bringing to the marketplace. For example, “when the new Minnesota Avenue Hy-Vee Food Store opens March 20, the store will be the first of the five Sioux Falls Hy-Vees to have an on-site dietitian and a kitchen for classes with cooking demonstrations.”

In fact, it is more than just a kitchen: “The Hy-Vee Club Room, a first for Sioux Falls stores, is a combination kitchen and meeting room. The kitchen will offer a wide variety of health-related education, plus it gives the dietitian in the store a place to show people how to make foods or use products. …(it) can be a place where customers learn to cook for someone with diabetes or celiac disease, as well as a place to gather for meetings or other events.”

Analysts tell the paper that Hy-Vee is distinguishing itself with this suite of services, and is doing so in a market where they are largely unfamiliar offerings.
KC's View:
We firmly believe that it is offerings like these – that go beyond the products on the shelves – that allow a chain like Hy-Vee to create differential advantages…and to not find such differences is to give into the mediocrity of conventional retailing.

Conventional isn’t good enough anymore. It is the stuff that goes above and beyond the conventional that determines success or failure.