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Ukrop’s Super Markets has announced the launch of what it calls “a major new pricing initiative called the Consistent Low Price (CLP) program,” which it says it both simpler and reduces prices on more than 8,000 SKUs.

“Our new Consistent Low Price program is another example of Ukrop's fresh thinking and desire to make shopping easier while providing superior value,” said Scott Aronson, vice president of Marketing and Analysis. “While the initial round of price reductions is now complete, the Consistent Low Price program will grow to include thousands of additional items in the coming weeks.”

Ukrop's said that it “is making the transition as easy as possible for customers by designating CLP items with special black and white shelf tags that highlight both ‘was’ and ‘now’ prices. An item’s regular retail price must be reduced for a minimum of 13 weeks in order to qualify as a Consistent Low Price item, although Ukrop's expects most price reductions to last significantly longer.” The company will still take manufacturer coupons for CLP items.

“We’re excited to provide our customers with an opportunity to save time and money when shopping at Ukrop’s,” added Aronson. “Offering consistent low prices will be a welcome change for many of our customers, allowing them to buy what they want, when they want at a great price.”

Ukrop’s also said that it will support the change by redesigning and shortening weekly newspaper ads to provide quicker reads on specials, and that it will launch a new, in-store monthly newsletter called Go To Market that will highlight the CLP items as well as other company programs.
KC's View:
It has always struck us that Ukrop’s has always been pretty aggressive on pricing, especially considering its preeminent position in terms of fresh foods, health and nutrition, and service. This is an interesting approach because it focuses on something that we think consumers prize – consistency. At a time when Wal-Mart, for example, has been accused in a lawsuit of not always charging the same price at checkout that it posts in ads and on store shelves, consistency can be a very powerful word…especially when supported by words such as “innovative” and “vibrant,” both of which aptly describe the Ukrop’s shopping experience.