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• The Washington Post reports this morning that snack food companies, under attack because of alleged ties to rising rates of childhood obesity, are not just bringing out newer and healthier products but also are working to encourage exercise among young people by pushing programs that can be driven by schools.

• Tesco reportedly has decided to bring a halt to its plan to accept the equivalent of more than $100 worth of coupons that were issued by Superquinn in Ireland. Tesco originally hatched the plan as way of blunting Superquinn’s efforts to capture a little pre-Christmas momentum.

The reasons for Tesco’s change of heart are not clear.

• Coca-Cola has launched three new energy drinks that double its entries in this segment of the beverage business - ADVANCE By POWERade (available in both cherry lime and berry), Tab Energy, and a new Full Throttle flavor, Full Throttle Fury (which comes in both regular and sugar-free varieties).

• PepsiCo has reached an agreement to acquire for the equivalent of $153 million (US) Sara Lee Corporation's European nuts business in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In addition, PepsiCo has agreed to acquire Stacy's Pita Chip Company, described as “the top-selling maker of pita chips with sales approaching $60 million this year.”
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