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ACNielsen reports that while still representing a small percentage of all table wine sold in supermarkets, three-liter boxed table wine - also known as "cask" wine - is selling almost nine times faster than the overall wine segment.

And go figure – the fastest subcategory is the cask wine segment selling for $16 or more per unit.

Danny Brager, vice president of the ACNielsen Beverage Alcohol team, said, "Wine marketers are driving renewed interest in boxed wine by focusing on the smaller three-liter package, offering premium varietals such as Shiraz/Syrah and Pinot Grigio in that size - neither of which is available in a five-liter box - and, in some instances, by using uniquely shaped and brightly colored boxes. Clearly, their efforts are resonating with a segment of wine drinkers."
KC's View:
We know we’ll get grief on this, but this strikes us as being yet another signal of the decline of western civilization.