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  • The United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association (UFFVA) has established a new Business Development Council that it says is “designed to help United members develop more efficient and profitable businesses by taking a more comprehensive, industry-wide approach to professional training and education.”

    The Business Development Council reportedly will focus on member programs including educational and training workshops for all segments of the industry, retail- and foodservice-specific programs, executive management and leadership certification programs, publications, international marketing activities, and other programs and activities that build the overall strength and profitability of the produce industry.

    Members of the council will be both retailers and suppliers, and will serve a two-year term.

  • PepsiCo reportedly plans to introduce a new energy drink - Mountain Dew MDX – that will build on the popular Mountain Dew brand. The line, said to be on line to be introduced later this year, will be available in regular and diet versions.

  • Workers at a Penn Traffic HBC/GM warehouse in Jamestown, NY, reportedly have voted to end a strike that began August 8, ratifying a contract offer that will give them pay raises and increased pension contributions by the company.

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