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We’re not exactly sure when we’ll be filing tomorrow’s MorningNewsBeat, nor when you’ll be getting the emailed Wake Up Call…because in just a few hours we’ll be boarding a plane and making our way to Budapest, Hungary, where we’ll be offering exclusive online coverage and commentary from the annual CIES World Food Business Summit.

This is one of our favorite events, and is always good for thought provoking presentations…but the process of getting to Budapest means that we’re not entirely sure when we’ll get access to the Internet tomorrow morning.

But we’ll do it as soon as we can…and we should be back on a semi-regular routine by Wednesday morning. We say “semi-regular” because there is a six-hour time difference between Budapest and New England, which is where we usually file from…and there could be some scheduling glitches. We’ll sort of be making it up as we go along, but we trust you’ll find the coverage worth the irregularity of the filing times.

Talkin' to myself again
Wonderin' if this travelin' is good
Is there somethin' else a' doin'
I'd be doin' if I could

But ah, the stories we could tell
And if it all blows up and goes to Hell
I wish that we could sit upon a bed in some motel
Listen to the stories we could tell…

(John Sebastian)
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