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  • Earlier this week, we reported that Robert Mondavi and his brother Peter – who split up after they had an enormous fight four decades ago over the future of the wine industry – have decided to get back into business together, producing a small barrel of wine to be sold next summer at the 25th annual Napa Valley Wine Auction, the California wine world's premier social event.

    Now, Robert Mondavi’s son, Michael Mondavi – who served as the chairman and CEO of the family-controlled company until it was sold to Constellation Brands for $1 billion – also is getting back into the business.

    Michael Mondavi has established a new luxury wine label, Folio, which will serve as the exclusive agent and importer for the Frescobaldi family of Tuscany, a well-known vintner.

    In addition to importing wines from around the world, the short-term goal is to set up or acquire a new Napa Valley winery in Northern California, according to the family.

  • A new study suggests that by 2008, the United States will consume the most wine per-capita of any country in the world…and that Italy will be second, followed by France.

    The French are, to say the least, concerned…and are trying to figure out not just how to get the native population to drink more wine, but also how to breathe new life into its industry.

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