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Great piece in the Newark Star-Ledger about how has been making some unusual deliveries of late – to Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, to soldiers/customers desiring “familiar flavors of SpaghettiOs, Mexican Horchata drink mixes or Jiffy Pop popcorn.”

“Many soldiers have decided to control their own manna destiny, ordering their favorite foods online, which are then shipped to them wherever they are,” the paper reports. “Orders are sent to military postal addresses in the United States, known as APOs and FPOs, then loaded onto military transports for global distribution.

“Netgrocer fulfilled about 150,000 military orders last year, which includes not only soldiers in war zones, but also employees at embassies around the globe. That part of the business accounts for about 20 percent of Netgrocer's sales.”

Netgrocer isn’t the only e-supermarket company shipping to military addresses. The paper notes that both mainstream and specialty online grocers such as,, and are fulfilling such orders.
KC's View:
Good for them. Though we wish that we could find a way for the Pentagon to be footing the bill, instead of asking these soldiers to be ordering their own Starbucks and Jiffy Pop.