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  • In Canada, Loblaws’ President’s Choice division is launching a new line of healthier products. The line, dubbed “Blue Menu,” will consist of 80 SKUs and will be in shelves by the end of next month.

    The goal is to give consumers an easier way to identify products that are either low in calories, high in fiber, or low-fat.

  • A new study by the Agricultural Research Service suggests that adolescents who read food labels don’t necessarily make better food choices than kids who don’t.

    As a result, experts say that a better job of educating kids about what food labels mean – and the long-term consequences of ignoring them – must be done.

  • In the New York State Legislature, a bill has been introduced that would require school report cards to include how much kids weigh, as well as where they rank on the weight scale compared to other kids their age.

  • McDonald’s has announced that it has found its own version of Jack La Lanne – Ronald McDonald, who will be sent by the company into the nation’s elementary schools to talk about diet and fitness. In this role, Ronald has been named the company’s new Chief Happiness Officer.

KC's View:
Gotta figure it is hard to work out in those big floppy shoes.

It figures, however, that when McDonald’s went to choose a fitness spokesman, it chose a clown.