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In the UK, the Sun reports on yet another case in which a customer bought a DVD from the local supermarket, but found themselves watching a movie that was different from what they expected.

In this case the supermarket was Safeway Plc and the movie they bought was “Pajama Game,” starring Doris Day. But the movie that actually was on the DVD was an erotic Italian film with a title that translates, roughly, into “Breasts of Passion.”

The people who bought the movie are described as a “conservative Baptist couple,” and the husband tells the Sun: "We are big fans of Doris Day and were looking forward to the film, but we knew something was amiss when a warning flashed up on the screen advising under 18s not to carry on watching.

"Then some topless young women appeared and started talking in Italian - we were horrified, it's not what you expect from a Doris Day film.

"It was a pretty raunchy, explicit film, it certainly pulled no punches. My wife and I were very shocked but we watched it until the end because we couldn't believe what we were seeing.

"The film became progressively more graphic, there was no plot to it, it was just sex."
KC's View:
Oh, yeah, they were horrified all right…all the way until the end.

One can imagine the wife saying to the husband, “Oh, my, turn it off!” And the husband responding, “No, dear, Doris Day must be on here somewhere…”

Actually, when you think about it, “turn it off” may not have been the actual phrase she used…