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Smithfield Foods has announced that it will be making a higher-fat pork that it believes will appeal to low-carb dieters who are able to eat fattier products.

This is an approach diametrically opposite the moves made by the company more than 10 years ago when it came up with a leaner pork to appeal to health-conscious shoppers. As a result of being fattier, the new pork product is said to be more flavorful.
KC's View:
Like everyone else, we suspect that Smithfield has to be a little concerned about its timing, and that the low-carb pig is out of the barn.

But we suspect that there will continue to be a significant low-carb niche, even if it doesn’t maintain the “craze” proportions that it had for some months.

By the way, we recently tasted Smithfield’s Pulled Pork Chili with Beans, which you heat up in these great little bread crocks. It’s a wonderful product…and the only downside we found was that the box is so big it takes up an enormous space in the freezer.