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Robert Mondavi and his brother Peter – who split up after they had an enormous fight four decades ago over the future of the wine industry – have decided to get back into business together.

The New York Times reports that the brothers have decided to “produce a small barrel of wine - 60 magnums, to be exact, or enough to fill about 120 regular bottles - to be sold next summer at the 25th annual Napa Valley Wine Auction, the California wine world's premier social event.”

The decision comes just weeks after the famed Mondavi winery in Napa was sold to Constellation Brands for $1 billion and “represents a formal healing of a breach that kept the two branches of the family apart for almost half a century and it represents, too, a recognition that while the two factions may have stood for different ways of winemaking, they were in the long run not as far apart as they once had thought.”

The possibility has been raised that there could be more collaborations between the two sides of the family, but no commitments have been made.
KC's View:
We’ve recommended it before, but if you haven’t read it you just check out Robert Mondavi’s Harvests of Joy: How the Good Life Became Great Business. Fun read, especially while sipping a glass of wine.