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The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) reports that retail sales within the consumer packaged goods health and wellness industry reached $68 billion in 2004, a figure 8.5 percent higher than the 2003 figure. In 2005, NMI projects, retail sales in the category should hit $73 billion.

The industry’s top category sales continue to be among functional and fortified foods/beverages, which at $23.4 billion, represent 34 percent of the total industry. The biggest percentage of growth versus 2003 however, was in organic foods/beverages, which were up 18 percent.

This data will be published in March 2005 in NMI’s 2005 Health and Wellness Trends Report (HWTR).
KC's View:
Retailers looking for a way to differentiate themselves should take note. Not only does this play to the nation’s slow but steadily growing interest in healthier foods, but it looks like a way to build business at a time when the mainstream industry is under attack.

But once again, this requires real commitment – not just a couple of shelves in a corner.