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Whole Foods Market yesterday announced that it has appointed an executive director of its new Animal Compassion Foundation – Anne Malleau, who has long experience in animal production and in all aspects of animal welfare and on-farm food safety programs.

The foundation has as its goal to help meat producers achieve a higher standard of animal welfare excellence while still maintaining economic viability. The foundation says that it will:

    • Search the planet for innovative ranchers and farmers who raise their animals with the well-being of the animal rather than producer productivity as the primary goal.

    • Create a worldwide network comprised of animal compassionate ranchers and farmers to share knowledge to learn and improve together.

    • Collect and compile the global knowledge of animal compassionate methods into an online library to help other interested ranchers and farmers successfully convert to more animal compassionate methods.

    • Provide research money to animal scientists at universities around the world to address any challenges faced by producers trying to raise animals more compassionately.

Whole Foods has said that five percent of total company sales on Tuesday, January 25, will be allocated to create the Foundation, which will be an independent, third party non-profit organization.
KC's View:
This is called putting your money where your mouth is.