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  • Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott has been challenged to a debate by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which disagrees with assertions made by the company in a new series of advertisements.

    DSA National Director Frank Llewellyn wrote to Scott, saying: “Your assertion that ‘Wal-Mart is working for all Americans’ is not born out by the facts. The truth is that your business practices are bad for America and most Americans…. We challenge you to defend and debate your message—Wal-Mart is working for all Americans—your facts against our facts in front of any impartial audience, or for any impartial institution willing to host such a debate.”

    In a prepared statement, Llewellyn said, “It is simply amazing the CEO Scott describes a Wal-Mart job as a good job. American’s know that a good job provides real benefits and a middle class living standard. If Wal-Mart continues to expand without changing its culture and business practices there is a real danger that there won’t be any good jobs left in the retail sector. Wal-Mart should welcome this opportunity to debate its critics without advertising gimmicks in front of an impartial audience.”

KC's View:
We’d pay real money to see that debate…just because it sounds like a lot of fun.

In fact, we’ll go one step further. We will volunteer to moderate that debate. We’re impartial, skeptical of both sides’ accuracy, and willing to either host or moderate this discussion. Anytime. Anyplace.