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  • Delhaize America announced that the Baltimore, Maryland, market will be the fourth location where the company will go on a remodeling binge, putting all its stores through its “market renewal” treatment. The company already has gone through this process in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC, and previously announced it would be doing so in Greensboro, NC.

  • Big day for Supervalu on Friday, as CEO Jeff Noddle rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the company’s 135th birthday.

    "We are proud to ring in our 135th anniversary today at the New York Stock Exchange," said Noddle. "From our earliest days as a dry goods wholesaler serving Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding rural communities, we have been at the fore of innovation in the grocery and supply chain industries. As we look to future growth and opportunity, our 135 years of fresh thinking will serve us well."

  • Published reports say that Hy-Vee CEO Rick Jurgens has indicated that the company plans to keep expanding in the Omaha market, building on its current position as the being the chain with the second-most stores in the market.

  • The Associated Press reports that while Dunkin Donuts CEO Jon Luther says that the company is not aiming to compete more effectively with Starbucks, the evidence suggests otherwise – that it is installing Wi-Fi wireless Internet service sin some stores, expanding more rapidly west of the Mississippi, and continuing to expands its espresso and sandwich offerings.

    “All we want to do is share some space with the coffee consumer,” said Luther.

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