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The Washington Post reports this morning that Kraft Foods plans to limit its advertising to children under 12, responding to criticisms related to the nation’s childhood obesity issues.

According to the Post, Kraft “will begin phasing out ads for its less nutritious products on television and radio shows and in print publications aimed at audiences of 6- to 11-year-olds. The company doesn't aim any media advertising at children under 6.

“Kraft, the nation's largest food company, will not stop all promotions to young children; it will still use cartoon characters in its products and packaging. It will also continue to offer contests, prizes and other promotions as well as games on its Web sites. And its traditional Lunchables and Kool-Aid products, as well Oreos and other cookies, will still be advertised on TV and radio shows and in magazines and other publications aimed at kids 12 and older.”
KC's View:
A good move, aimed, no doubt, at preempting the possibility of government regulations on child-oriented marketing. We’re pretty sure that it won’t satisfy everyone, but it remains a good move nonetheless.