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A new study by Retail Forward, Wal-Mart 2010, projects that within five years Wal-Mart will do $500 billion a year in global sales, and will own 12% of all non-auto/non-gasoline retail sales in the United States, up from eight percent today.

“While the world waits for Wal-Mart to collapse under its own weight, Wal-Mart waits for no one, demonstrating a remarkable capacity to manage the retail lifecycle and keep right on rolling,” says Retail Forward’s Sandy Skrovan, report’s author. “Wal-Mart’s strategy of innovation is not about creating incremental change. It is about creating new businesses that disrupt traditional businesses.”

In addition, the study projects:

• By 2010, the typical consumer products manufacturer could have more than 35% of its sales going through Wal-Mart.
• By 2010, a quarter of Wal-Mart’s sales will come from international operations. It’s likely the company will make some bold moves to elevate its global presence.
• By 2010, the runway for Wal-Mart’s existing formats domestically will be running out; however, it will seek additional places to cast its net—new concepts, categories and countries.

“Wal-Mart will continue to push the boundaries of what its customers will allow it to be,” Skrovan says. “It will explore new formats, categories, and locations in an effort to grow market share and share of wallet. Between now and 2010, the company will look to parlay its low cost, low price approach to other businesses—quite possibly some outside the realm of retailing.”
KC's View:
“Outside the realm of retailing?” Well, there is a fairly titillating phrase…