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Food For All has announced that it will accept donations to help tsunami victims in South Asia. According to Denis Zegar, President & CEO of Food For All, “we have been inundated with phone calls from grocery retailers and manufacturers asking where to send money, but they are afraid the money will not get directly to the victims.” Food For All’s mission is to fund self-help programs at the local level ensuring that all the money is accounted for rather than going to government agencies.

Food For All is a program of the Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger (FICAH), which is a voluntary effort of the food industry to alleviate hunger and malnutrition by fostering long-term, self-help solutions in the United States and in 64 countries around the world. Through our Food For All programs operating in over 8000 grocery stores, we unite the food industry and consumers in the belief that hunger is 100% curable.

Food For All is now accepting grant applications from organizations to fund local projects such as emergency childhood immunizations, special feeding for malnourished children and pregnant women, provisions of basic sanitation, and procuring clean water for the most affected areas, to name but a few emergency relief efforts.

Food For All with its international and local NGO partners is identifying needs for immediate support and is starting a rapid assessment to define immediate and long-term rehabilitation needs. Steve Smith, Vice Chair of Food For All and President & CEO of Food City/KVAT, said that “Food For All has a great deal of experience in working with international organizations that begun in 1985 by leading the food industry’s efforts during the Ethiopian famine.”

“Billions of dollars are being pledged to tsunami relief, however much of this money will go to governments for cleaning up and rebuilding the infrastructure,” said Zegar. Food For All’s efforts will be to channel money to help victims with short-term and long-term solutions. Food For All will work only through its well-established NGO network to ensure all the money is used appropriately.

Food For All will publish where all the donated money was awarded and on what projects.

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