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  • Wal-Mart Stores named Eduardo Castro-Wright, who has been president/CEO of Wal-Mart Mexico since 2001, to be executive vice president/COO of the company’s Wal-Mart Stores division in the United States.

    He will be succeeded at Wal-Mart Mexico by the division’s current COO, Eduardo Solorzano.

  • Start spreading the news…Wal-Mart’s entry into New York City may not be entirely smooth. The retailer’s planned 135,000 square foot superstore in the borough of Queens has prompted a coalition of labor leaders, elected officials and small business owners to raise objections before the City Council's Economic Development Committee.

    As always, the objections to Wal-Mart include complaints of low wages and unfair labor practices – issues that may have more resonance in a highly unionized city than in other communities.

  • Wal-Mart’s Asda Group in the UK announced that is instituting some $200,000 worth of price cuts, with roughly a fifth of them devoted to healthy foods.

    The company also said that it would be developing a number of healthy living-related programs this month, including reformulating products so they have less sugar and salt, hiring nutritionists for every store, and offering cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure tests. Asda also is introducing a new magazine aimed at offering healthy living advice.

    The company said that its “customer health pledge is the most comprehensive ever seen in British retail.”

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