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The Washington Post reports this morning that manufacturers are adjusting their strategies in the face of continued national concerns about obesity and nutrition.

The Post writes that reaching grocery store shelves are “Goldfish crackers and Hershey's syrup, both enriched with calcium; reduced-sugar Cocoa Puffs; and scores of other products that emphasize their whole grain and vitamin content alongside their cool packaging and sweet taste.”

However, the new products often are more expensive than the traditional versions, and don’t have fewer calories – leading some nutritional experts to question whether these are actually “better for you” products, and whether these are actually public relations efforts rather than effective nutrition-based science.

A spokesman for Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), which last week called for voluntary cutbacks in marketing of junk food to kids, told the Post that “fortified junk food is still junk food.”

In a related story, Kraft Foods has decided that the low-carb approach isn’t dead yet, and has announced an expanded alliance with the South Beach Diet, coming out with a new line of products that carry the diet’s logo.
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