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The Boston Globe reports that the movement toward whole grain breads, given momentum by the low-carb movement, has been gaining popularity and has found a place on the bread aisle.

However, there are consumer issues that need to be taken into account. The Globe writes, “Dark breads are generally better for you than white, but looks can be deceiving. You get more health benefits from whole wheat flour than from refined all-purpose flour, for instance. But bread manufacturers are not beyond darkening a loaf to fool you. Savvy shoppers need to be label readers, ignoring package claims and studying ingredient lists. If it's wheat you're looking for, the list must include the word '’whole.’ And just because pumpernickel is dark and multigrain chewy, it doesn't mean either is made with whole grains.”
KC's View:
The message seems simple. If retailers provide consumers with better products and sufficient information about why these products are better, people will buy them…and, incidentally, they’re likely to spend more money on these purchases.