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  • BrandWeek reports that Nestle plans to launch a new line of low-fat, sugar free and vitamin-fortified treats called Nestle Kids Frozen Treats - sherbet and ice cream tubes, pops and mini-sandwiches that, the company hopes, will appeal both to kids and their nutrition-aware parents.

  • Kellogg Co. Chief Executive Carlos Gutierrez said yesterday that if he is confirmed as US Secretary of Commerce, he will work to create an "environment in which our free enterprise system will flourish by serving as an advocate for reducing trade and regulatory barriers that unreasonably burden our businesses and their workers."

    He made the comments during confirmation hearings being held by the US Senate Commerce Committee.

  • Campbell Soup Co. said yesterday that it will raise prices on some of its soup products by an average of 4.8 percent to compensate for higher costs for the ingredients that go into them.

  • Published reports say that Marsh Supermarkets is being sued by North Carolina-based Fresh Market, accusing it of stealing Fresh Market’s name and format when it opened its Arthur’s Fresh Market store.

    The North Carolina company says it had plans to move into Indiana, and that Marsh is guilty of trademark infringement.

    Marsh reportedly denies the charges.

  • Nice story in this morning’s Seattle Times about a small two-store doughnut retailer in the city, Top Pot, which has developed a nice local reputation for “hand-forged” doughnuts that compare positively with the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme.

    It was a nice little business, and one that got noticed by one of Top Pot’s customers – Howard Schultz, chairman of Starbucks.

    Schultz liked the doughnuts enough that Top Pot’s products are now being sold in all of Starbucks’ western Washington stores – and are, in fact, the only branded pastry being sold by those stores.

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